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Interested in stair lifts near Holtsville NY? Read on for more.

Mobility and independent living are very closely intertwined. For those who are disabled by injury, disease, or simple aging, tasks that most of us take for granted, like rising from a chair and climbing a staircase can be serious challenges. But there are special aids designed to improve mobility and thus maintain a certain degree of independence. These aids also help prevent serious injury. A simple fall that a younger adult can “shake off” can cause serious injury in a disabled or elderly person.

To help disabled people maintain as much independence as possible, there are chairs that assist people in standing up, walking aids, and extended graspers that allow access to things that might otherwise be out of reach. Another very valuable aid to independence is a stair lift, which can allow a disabled person to remain in a house with a staircase and make things easier on other members of the household who would otherwise have to engage in serious physical demands to help the person up the stairs.

Generally speaking, stair lifts run on a track that is fitted directly to the stair treads. A motor pulls the stair lift chair along the tracks. Installation of a stair lift requires a couple of hours for a straight stair case, or somewhat longer for curved stair cases. When not in use, the stair-lift remains parked at the top or bottom of the staircase. Many stair lifts come with a foot rest, and some come with safety belts and controls for speed and direction. Most of them fold up flat against the wall, leaving the staircase usable to everyone else. A staircase generally needs to be 24 inches wide or wider to accommodate a stair lift system.

Some version of stair lifts have a chair mounted onto a belt housed along the rail. It moves a chair up or down the stairs in a “conveyor belt” manner. Still other versions have a rack and pinion system. In this design, the chair is mounted to a pinion that has several teeth. The pinion rolls along the rack, which interconnects with the pinion teeth like a gear, providing secure transport along the rail.

While many stair lift systems in Holtsville NY are wired directly into the home electrical system, some are battery powered, and some are AC powered with DC back-up capability. DC powered stair lifts will automatically charge when the system isn’t in use, meaning it will work during a power cut.

Weight capacity varies from model to model, but most can carry a maximum of 120 kg, or around 270 lbs., although there are systems designed for people larger than that. While stair lifts are expensive, they are certainly less expensive than assisted living facilities. In the U.S. Medicare does not cover the installation of stair lifts. In some states, Medicaid will pay for part of a stair lift if it is prescribed by a doctor and purchased through an approved dealer. Grants, loans, and dealer financing are some of the ways people pay for the installation of stair lifts.

People who are elderly or disabled can maintain much more independence of daily living if they have basic assistance from devices like stair lifts and lift chairs in Holtsville NY. While such aids to everyday living can be expensive, for an elderly or disabled person who relishes their independence, they can be a priceless investment.

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